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1. 100 % result in class X i.e AISSCE-2009.Certificate of Excellence is received by our school.

2.District level compition on different CCA programme was held on the occasion of 15th August 2009

in which our school students participated and own the prizes.

3.Craft museum is developed this year i.e in 2009.

4.Master Akash Kumar Parida is selected to participate in KVs,National Science Exhibition to be held at KV

Avadi,Chenei on 13th and 14th Oct 2009.

Sub Theme :Green Energy  Topic-Space base Sollar Satellite

5  Master Ashutosh Mohanty ,Sushri Sabari Satayarupa of VIII and Sushri Sushri Satyarupa of V class is selected

to participate in National Chess Championship.