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Oh! My dear sun

You are so bright,

And have much light.

You are so hot

That you never get caught,

Even with a big robot!

You are in the centre with your planets in,

You binds them with your force that move within your course!

You shine like fire

And never get tire,

You are so far

Up from the tower!

Due to your light

We can have sight,

With your absence

We won’t have life!

Due to you many diseases we fight,

But where are you in the dark night?

Without you there will be no day,

And all will freeze with the cold hail.

There will be no tie,

And all will die!

That’s why, you are so important,

That all can imagine without the question “WHY”!!





It is said that some men are born great, others are made great and there are still others on whom greatness is thrust upon. But truly great men are really born great. It was exactly the case with Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru. His philosophy of development, science and technology, peace, outstanding leadership will be remembered for ever. These are regarded as unique and invaluable.

Born on November 14, 1889 at Allahabad in Uttarpradesh, he grew up in an influential political family. The famous Motilal Nehru was his father and he was brought up in an aristocratic manner.Pt jawahar Lal Nehru was the bundle of great qualities. He worked continuously till the very moment of his death. It was he who gave the slogan of ‘Aram haram hai’ to the nation.

No one can doubt the patriotism of Jawaharlal. He gave up his all for the service of the country, though he could have led a princely life due to the fabulous wealth of his father, yet he preferred to tread the thorny path of sacrifice. In fact, no sacrifice was too great for him.

He gave the magic formula to the world, the application of which alone can bring about world peace. This formula is popularly known as ‘Punch Shila’. He was the symbol of world peace. He preached the message of peace and non violence of Buddha and Gandhi to the world. Owing to this very reason, the stature of our country has risen very high in the eyes of the foreigners. The credit for all this must go to Nehru. He deserves all praise.

Nehru was a great lover of children. He considered them to be the real wealth of the nation. To him they were the future builders of the country. On 14th November which is his birth date children day is still celebrated which is considered as a tribute for him. Children also called him ‘CHACHA NEHRU’ in love.

Jawaharlal was a socialist through and through. He did not like any sort of inequality. He wanted to establish in India a casteless and classless society. That was why he condemned communalism in almost all his speeches. “Produce or perished” was the slogan he gave to the nation. He wanted to increase the production of agriculture and the industries to the utmost, so that the poor may also get some of the good things of life. The poor people considered him to be their best friend for this reason.

It will not be far from truth, if we say that jawahar lal was the savior of mankind. Being the champion of peace and the lover of mankind, he was loved not only in his country but also throughout the world. He was the greatest man of the modern age and I admire him the most. He is the man I regard as an ideal hero.


Arundhati Nayak





As You Sow, So you Reap

A rabbit and jackal read in same class. The rabbit is very jolly, active, sincere, polite and punctual. He finishes his daily work and goes to school. He is also very sincere in his study. He answers politely to everyone. So all praises him.

In other hand the jackal was very lazy and naughty. He does not want to read. Always he plays and quarrels with others. Always he calls the rabbit to play with him. If the rabbit doesn’t come, he becomes angry and thinks “I will see you”.

One day when the school was over, it rained heavily. There was lightning and thundering. The rabbit became nervous. Seeing him, jackal laughed and murmured,” Today uncle tiger will eat you. "He behaved as the well wisher of rabbit and showed him uncle tiger’s den to take rest. The rabbit  went inside and jackal played happily outside the den. At that time due to lightening he lost his life.

Uncle tiger was not in the cave. When the rain stopped, the rabbit returned home happily.

Due to his bad intention the jackal lost his life.


Rutuparna Pattanayak